Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Not-Yet-Made Soybeanito Letter #3

Dear Not-Yet-Made Soybeanito,

Your dad and I imagine what you will look like all the time. We hope that you will have my nose and healthy skin. From your dad, I hope that he will gift you his sweet smile and bright eyes. If the universe has its way, the color of your skin will fall somewhere between the caramel hue of my skin and toasted coconut like your dad's. Because of how the universe has shaped your features and painted your skin, people will inevitably ask you, "What are you?" Do not become annoyed. It is natural for people to want to try to place people into familiar categories. 

This is what I will tell you each night before you go to sleep to help you begin finding out who you are. You are a little person who is loved more than you will ever know. You are a little person who can be whatever your heart chooses to be because the color of your skin does not need to hinder the dreams that lie deep within you. Others may choose to tell you who you are, but you ultimately decide who you will become. 

Remember we loved you before you even existed.  

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