Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sappy Like A Maple Tree

The school year is winding down. Things are crazy. We're tying up a million loose ends. It's easy to forget that I won't get to see these kiddos every day anymore. They don't forget as easy as I do, so they've been saying some of the sweetest and sappiest things. 

Mr. T: Will you be in second grade with us?
Me: Nope. I'll be over there in fourth grade.
Mr. T: Fourth grade?
Me: Yep.
Mr. T: I hope they're nice to you.
Me: I hope so too!

Mr. N: You're one of the nicest teachers. 
Me: Aw. Thanks, Mr. N.
Mr. N: I like how you give me names.
Me: Names?
Mr. N: Like when you called me a squirrel monkey expert. I liked that a lot.
Me: I'm happy you like it. 

I heart them. 

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