Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 9: How Important Education Is

So, I had this really eloquent Thoreau inspired perspective on education prepared. Then, I found out that that this week is State of Emergency Week in California for all teachers. The perspective that follows is not that of a lifelong learner but an advocate for children. 

In my classroom, children are free to explore. They chat with each other about how to problem solve. They share their journal writings with each other. They draw and paint. They laugh. They tell funny stories and jokes. Most important, they grow. Their personality becomes more distinctive. They begin to own the skin that they're in. They learn how to be curious about the world around them and how to satiate that curiosity through reading, writing, problem solving and drawing.

Please stand up for teachers and help us have the courage to stand up for our students. We are so quick to pay for things out of our own bank accounts and to sacrifice our time. You may not see the immediate rewards like we do. I promise you that children are miraculous beings capable of so much. Give them the opportunity to show us what they're capable of by allowing them to have a meaningful education.

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