Monday, April 18, 2011

Excited for Testing?
For sure! I have my kiddos all psyched up for state testing on Weds. It's a total miracle. Today, I had to cover up anything that can help them figure out the answers to language arts questions such as posters and the alphabet chart. I figured if I have to cover it up with the ugly brown butcher paper that I might as well make use of that space. I wrote affirmations on each section. 

Our walls are now lined with positive phrases including "You are so smart," "We are so proud of all of you,""Do your best," "Believe in yourself," "We believe in you," "You are superstars," and "Take your time to think." When the kiddos walked in their faces were glowing. A little one said, "OH! Thank you Mrs. Trac!" I didn't know that it would have such a huge immediate effect. It was worth my extra minutes for sure! As we were working our test prep packet, one kiddo said, "They can't trick us because we're so smart." Too much excitement for my little heart!

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