Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Not-Yet-Made Soybeanito Letter #2

Dear Not-Yet-Made Soybeanito,

It's another Friday. I'm excited to watch another Star of the Week presentation. I see the kiddo, who I teach how to read and how to write, take center stage. She's beaming. She's over-the-moon excited that her parents are there as she shares her photos and tells about her favorite foods. Her parents are beaming. They're probably wondering, "How did such an amazing little person come from me?" 

As I'm watching the exchange of smiles, shared admiration and love, it is in this moment that I know that I want you more than anything else on this planet. Yes, I may have a travel box instead of a baby box. However, I want to feel that kind of happiness with you. I want your dad to feel that kind of indescribable happiness with you. We would have you sooner, but there were some practical logistics that we had to get sorted. Once you get to know your dad better, you'll get it. Once you get to know me better, you'll know that we had you at exactly the right time. 

Just know that we're waiting for you. 

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