Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Rs: Rum Cake, Rum Punch, and Rhianna - Part 4

This is our last and final installment of our Caribbean adventure. Thanks for hanging in with us. 

Day 12 San Juan:

On our day of disembarkation, we decided to stay and extra day in San Juan. For some reason, it was cheaper for us to fly out on Saturday instead of Friday. You didn't have to twist our arm to take advantage of an extra day of vacay. 

We spent most of our day roaming around Old San Juan, which is the more touristy part of San Juan. The buildings are in lovely condition. The pastel colors reminded me of jelly beans. My favorite part is the blue cobblestones. Cobblestones are already one of my favorite architecture features in old cities, but I had never seen blue ones before. It's like the ocean spilled over the cobblestone and stained them a gorgeous blue. 

While we were on the boat, I was reading about the highlights of Old San Juan. The highlights included the forts, colorful colonial buildings, and pigeons. As I read it, I thought, "Really? Pigeons? What's the big deal?" Well, there are tons of pigeons! We wandered into a square full of pigeons. Across from the pigeons was an enticing Italian restaurant filled with locals called Antonella's Pizzeria. It was an Advent Friday, so we had to opt for the veggie pizza options. The pizza was okay. The highlight? The garlic dough balls. So garlicky! So good! 

We decided to go to try going back to the fort and walk along the perimeter. Big mistake at high noon. There isn't any shade. San Juan is extra humid as well. We walked a few feet then turned back around. We did some more shopping. We got some coffee and I got a Panama hat. Soon enough, I couldn't resist the small ice cream carts. I just had to have some passion fruit ice cream. It was refreshing and not overly sweet. 

We didn't have any luck finding the right bus stop to go home. The streets didn't look so shady instead they looked like the streets of Costa Rica, so we decided to walk home. It was a low-key adventure. A lovely way to end our vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Mi tierra! How lovely. And Frida street art? I've died and gone to heaven!