Monday, March 21, 2011

A Note

I had a hard day today.We had to do benchmark testing. It's the week before spring break. It was rainy day schedule. Cabin fever up to our ears. I was definitely feeling worn out as I locked our door. 

Then, I hopped over to my other school to do a bit of planning. On my desk, there was a piece of notebook paper with blue painter's tape on the sides to make a pocket. On the outside was written, "You are a nic techer." Inside, there was another piece of notebook paper taped up with same blue tape. On the outside, it said, "You are nic to me Mrs. Track." No name. My heart totally smiled.

It was definitely the handy work of one of my boys. I rarely ever get letters from the boys. My co-teacher told me that it was from one of the kiddos that we've been working a lot with this year. He walked into class declaring that he had something for me. Too cute!  I'm usually giving him lots of friendly reminders. I'm so happy that he knows that all of my reminders are because I care about him!  

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