Saturday, March 19, 2011

Excellence in D.C. Day 2

After a smidge of rest (don't forget the time changed this Sunday), we ventured out to see more of Virginia. Mark literally lives next door to the battle field where the Battle of Manassas (Battle of Bull Run) took place. The Battle of Manassa was the beginning of the Civil War. I've always been a bit of history nerd, so it was bit surreal being there. My hubster totally felt humbled. A flood of respect for the bravery of the soldiers and the tragedy of countrymen fighting against one another. 

We spent a little longer there than expected, so we were late heading into D.C. Our D.C. highlight for the day was going to the International Spy Museum. Initially, I was hesitant to go, but I kept hearing it was a must-see. I loved how interactive the museum was. You get an alias and are questioned to see if you're able to maintain your cover. All the real espionage gizmos and gadgets seem like they're out of a James Bond movie. The cigarette and ring guns were among my favorites. My hubster is still talking about the car stuffed with four people, including one person near the engine. I also loved learning about which great authors were spies. 

 Again, we rounded out the evening with a delectable meal. Our goal was to have a multi-cultural foodie experiences. For this meal, we decided to make a trip to Eamonn's for some Irish fare. We had fish (grouper instead of cod) and chips. For dessert, Mark and I shared dough balls and a deep fried Mars bar. The dough balls tasted like churros. Yum!

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