Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Dino

One of the standards for 2nd grade is being able to write a letter and use correct format/punctuation. We're studying dinosaurs, so I had the kiddos write to the dinosaur that they're doing their report on. Here are some of the very creative letters:

Dear Apatosaurus,

Things today are very different because you could play handball. I go to the swings. It is fun. At school, I read and do math. We rite sentences. We have  a techer that teches us about dinousaurse and fosliss. some are hard like us and you. Evrey body has bones!! Santa Barbara is like a jungle becase it has trees, grass and pommtrees. The city looks like a butiful book and the lights to. 

Dear Gallimimus,

Things today are very different. Some funtings are danceing and singing. Some foods are brownies they are so yumy and chocklety. Some thing from school are mat and rescess in rescess I like to play handball in math we are practiceing time. My favorit place is Las Vegas because it has lots of lites. 

Dear Spinosaurus,

Things today are very different. I like to play football. I like it because it is fun. At school, I do math. I wish you came back because for we can go to Mcdonells. I wish you came back because for you can tast brownies. I wish you came backfor we can play video games.

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