Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Universe Part Two

Dear Universe, 

I know that I should know better by now. I know that you were hoping that I would know better. Sorry to let you down. Lesson learned now. Promise. I'll even show you that I've learned my lesson. Yes, I agree that I have to teach from the heart. When I do, I'm happier and the kiddos are happier. It's not easy. Nothing in life that makes life worth living is ever easy. 

This week has been filled with the most beautiful reminders of why I have to trust my ever so quiet heart. Yesterday was the first day that none of my kiddos at my second home had to do laps at any of the recesses. So monumental! It means that we didn't drive each other crazy. I pointed out this accomplishment at the end of the day. Their smiles were glowing. One kiddo even said, "We're getting better every day!" Of course, I immediately agreed and enthusiastically responded, "Yes, you are!"

Today was another lovely day. For forty five minutes, I had time to sit with three kiddos one-on-one while the rest of the class worked independently. I could give all the encouragement that those three kiddos really needed, even tailoring the encouragement to meet their little quirks. Again, more smiles. Genuine smiles. Not I'm-going-to-humor-Mrs-Trac smiles. As everyone was rushing out to recess, one kiddo stopped to say, "Thank you Mrs. Trac for helping me." My heart was bursting. I literally sat with this kiddo and sounded out each word, letter by letter and sound by sound, for forty five minutes.  Not once did he grow weary like he usually does. I told him, "I'm so proud of you. You did your best the entire time!" 

Thank you, Universe. You always remind me that I should open my heart without any fears, expectations, or obligations. Just open it because I want to. Please give me the strength to keep it open. 




JaeHollywood3 said...

This is so wonderful to read- I'm so glad you took a minute to write about that moment. So happy for you bebe!

Bea said...

Thanks Jan! :)