Monday, December 27, 2010

Les Champignons & Bonheur

Over this holiday break, I began reading The Geography of Bliss. In the chapter about Switzerland, biophilia is introduced. It's about our relationship with nature. "Proximity to nature doesn't just give us a warm, fuzzy feeling. It affects our physiology in real, measurable ways. It's not a giant leap to conclude that proximity to nature makes us happier." 

Before I get all into nature, I must admit that I haven't always been nature's biggest fan. It wasn't until my hubster took me along on his hikes that I began to entertain the idea of going out and enjoying nature. Most important, it wasn't until I had a camera in my hand that I really enjoyed being out in nature. I love looking at the details. After seeing this fantastic mushroom photo, I went out on my own quest to find some interesting mushrooms to photograph. Yes, I was happy when I stumbled across these toadstools. 

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