Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Your Dance On

One of the festivities at my school's staff holiday party was playing Just Dance 2. After some skepticism and fear of embarrassment, we learned that it was just way too much fun. I had to represent with my grade level since we competed by grade level. Did I mention that we had our holiday party at a downtown restaurant? 

I loved it and my hubster loved it. My hubster had the brilliant idea of bringing our Wii down to my parents' house. On our first day of our vacation, we bought Just Dance 2 and have been playing daily ever since. After initial success, my hubster's been whooping my little dancing tush. It's tons of fun and the best cardio workout ever. 


Anonymous said...

Guy got Elle this for Christmas and WE LOVE IT. I had no idea how fun it could be. And you're right, it's a great workout. I need to be doing it for an hour a day. LOL

Bea said...

It totally helped us as we munched on holiday goodies. It's so fun! :)