Monday, December 20, 2010

A Beautiful Russian Day

A good exploring buddy isn't easy to find. While exploring, conversations can become dull or there can be challenging discussions about where to go. Not with Mark. We're very lucky that he's an awesome exploring buddy, especially since my hubster and me come as a pair. Mark doesn't seem phased by our twosome at all. 

On this beautiful Russian day, we went to the Maritime Museum after a delicious champion-style lunch at Lucha Libre. At first, we debated if it was worth the money. We learned that we got to look at 4 different seafaring vessels including the Berkeley, B-39 sub, Star of India, and the Surprise. The rain didn't ruin our fun. Actually, it was rather nice that it was raining. There weren't any crazy crowds. We got to do lots of roaming without feeling cramp.

The B-39 sub was my favorite. We got to touch a bunch of things and make lots of unrelated Boston jokes. Each time we touched something, our fingers got sticky. Ick, right? We still kept touching everything!

On the other ships, we learned lots about how rat pies, knots, and beer played important roles on journeys. All in all, a fabulous day. I loved how my rain boots were the perfect rainy day boat exploring accessory.

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