Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walking Buddy

Every Wednesday, I go walking with one of my favorite fifth grade teachers. We decompress about our week. We bond. We enjoy the fabulous crisp morning air. I get a nice little burn going in my legs that gets me warmed up for the day. This Wednesday, we had an adorable moment. 

Little One: Hey! Hi Mrs. Trac!
Me: Hi Little One! 
Little One: Hey! Can I walk with you guys?
Me: Hmm?
Little One: Can I walk you guys?
Me: Of course.
Little: Yay! You know what, my ankle hurts.

The little first grader proceeds to tell us about her every little ache. She's so funny. What makes this moment even more special is that this little one isn't even my class. She's from another first grade class. I subbed in her kinder class last year for two weeks. She still remembers my name! She has the hugest smile when she greets you. She's so adorable and sweet. It was nice to have a new walking buddy.  

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