Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ready, Set, Go
Today, we made a very important discovery at Target. At the fancy upgraded Targets, the frozen food sections have motion sensor lights in the refrigerated units. They turn off when no one's there. Like magic, they flicker on as you walk by. Very green. What do my hubster and I do once he makes this discovery?

We go to the end of an empty aisle that has all of the lights off. Then, without having to say a word to each other, we take our spots. Get into our runner's lunge. Ready, set, go! Then, run down the aisle. After a stressful week/month, nothing could be funner. Hmm...maybe if we had those bouncy balls that you could sit on and we could have bounced our way down the aisle. Look's like I have plan for next time! I highly recommend this activity the next time you're in Target.

Yes, hubster. This story made it onto my blog just as you guessed.   

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