Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Thousand

This is my thousandth post. Craziness! Hundreds of moments. Hundreds of memories. Hundreds of things that inspire me.This post reminds me of the 100th day. At school, we celebrate the 100th day of school. I think we're all happy that we still like each other by the 100th day. 

Because I work with the wee ones, I don't have to leave behind certain aspects of childhood in the shadows of adulthood. For example, we celebrate holidays and landmark dates like the 100th day like its going out of style. Since Turkey day is around the corner, the kiddos and I are pondering what we're thankful for. Here is what I'm thankful on this thousandth post: 

My dad for cultivating and nurturing my big heart. 

Music and photography because they calm my restless mind.

My mom for teaching me what it means to work for what I want in life.

Books because they have taught me how to see the beauty that surrounds me.

My friends who help me realize that my accomplishments are worth being proud of. 

My husband whose endless patience and humor has carried me through some of the longest days. 

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