Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Time

I know things have still been cheerful in my little nook in the blogosphere. I've even managed to maintain the cheerful disposition in real life as well. At least, I think I have. No one's said anything different. It's amazing what putting on a smile and a brave face will do. 

Honestly, things have been non-stop overwhelming since the beginning of October. My hubster's g-ma had surgery because of her thyroid cancer. After the surgery, we got the news that no family ever wants to get. Her prognosis dwindled from months to weeks to days.  As my hubster says, she must have been doing Tai Chi in her mind because she held on longer than any of us imagined. That was our weekend job. 

During the week, I juggled (and am still juggling) two classrooms at two different schools. To top it off, they're also two different grade levels. Bouncing between all the faces, curriculum and routines has been quite the feat. Think tightrope walker juggling two hippos over a crocodile filled tank. Like I previously told you, I'm an adrenaline junkie, so I welcomed the challenge until my co-teacher in 2nd grade had to take a break. Now, I've assumed her role just in time for conferences and report cards. Sweet! Nothing like just jumping in and learning. At least, I'll never forget what I learned. That's been my week jobs.

I'm telling you this not because I want you to think that I'm some fantastic juggler. Trust me. My first grade co-teacher has that act down. She's pulling two jobs like me, and she has two kiddos of her own thrown into the mix. 

I'm telling you this because at the end of the day I still love what I do. I'm able to savor the smallest moments. I wake up exhausted, but I still have a smile. That smile is genuine even though it may need to be recharged by a Chai Latte ever so often.

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