Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spiders Rule!

Yesterday was a lovely day with the kiddos (despite the heat that has finally started to wane). For math, we talked about rulers. To my great surprise, they already knew how to measure things. Woot! They had fun making lines. All sorts of lines. Later that day, I read them a book about spiders since we're starting our mini spider unit. How can these two lessons be related to each other? Just wait and see. 

Once the wee ones scampered off to P.E., I was left wondering what we could end our day with. Then, it hit me! The perfect idea! Too perfect. They could make a spider web using white colored pencils, rulers, and scraps of black paper. I was able to gather enough white pencils and found the perfect sized black paper. I was sold on the idea, but I wasn't quite sure if the kiddos would be. 

When they got back from last recess, I did a quick demo. Then, I told them that they could make their webs however they wanted to since spider webs look different depending on the spider. We turned down the lights to keep the room cool. They got their paper, pencils, and rulers and were happily on their way. I even added that they could draw a spider. If they drew a spider, they had to make food for it, so it wouldn't go hungry. They were so quiet. They were so focused. It was magic! Afterward, we did a gallery walk. They got to walk around a look at each other's art work. The ooh's and aah's were too much for me. So adorable!

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