Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Replay: Anything by M. Posner

This has been the summer of Mike Posner for me. His songs have been on constant replay during many of my coffeehouse stints. His channel is my current Pandora favorite because all of my other favorite artists pop up on the playlist. I just love the lyrics and the beat. My hubster is even a fan of his cover art and title of his debut album. Here's a conversation that my hubster and I recently had about him.

Me: Babe, listen to this song. (Plays Cheated)
Hubster: Okay. 
Me: Isn't it good? It's not often that nice guys have a good break-up song. He has definitely had his heart broken one too many times.
Hubster: That's probably because he picks the wrong girls. I bet he likes bad girls.
Me: True. Like the girl in his other song. 
Both: (laughs) 

I wonder if it's true. Mike Posner, do you like bad girls?

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