Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catch Up: Enchanting Day Trip

Last Sunday, we went to Hearst Castle with Mark for a quick day trip. The last time we went was about four years ago, just the two of us. Mark hadn't been for 10 years! When booking the tour, we chose Tour 1. We assumed that we would see the same stuff that we saw last time when we had taken the tour. To our delight, they switch it up. We got to see one of the guesthouses, Casa del Sol. I also learned a bunch  during the tour and on the drive up. For example, Mr. Hearst loved animals. He had kangaroos, bears, and lions on his estate. The bear cages were even more advanced than the zoo enclosures at the time. They also had the only air condition on the entire estate! 

Hearst Castle and San Simeon are always enchanting. I can totally see why Mr. Hearst called his estate the Enchanted Hill. C'mon, where else can you walk on gold? For me, I'm most fond of the exterior. I love the architecture, the views, and the swimming pools. As my hubster says, "The interior feels like I need to be smoking a cigar." It's stuffy. It's crowded with artifacts and art. It feels like if I touch something it might just fall apart. Mark's not too big of a fan of the carpets on the walls. Perhaps, I'll have to start saving now for my $5,000 pool party at the Neptune Pool. I have to start before Mark beats me to it.   

Thanks to the hubster for taking pictures of the Roman Bath. Happy you have a steady hand. 

Thanks to Mark for the uber cute couple shots!

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