Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grazie Enoteca!

While we were in Vegas, we thought we would have a fancy shmancy dinner date. Very not us. But we were in Vegas, so why not? That day, we went restaurant shopping as my hubster calls it. We would browse the menus to see if there was anything delicious and to check out the pricing. Always the gentleman, my hubster let me pick. I chose Enoteca San Marco in the Venetian. We loved Mozza in LA, so I thought it was a nice safe choice. My main reason? I loved the meatballs at Mozza, and Enoteca also had meatballs on the menu.

The dinner was delicious! The Vinegar Maker's salad was seasoned perfectly. The meatballs were savory and full of yummy herby goodness. We ended our meal with some gelato, of course! The three flavors that we enjoyed included a fancy coffee flavor, dark chocolate, and a decadent Mario Batali version of cookie dough. My pluot scorpini was refreshing but not worth $9. Our service was delightful. I definitely recommend it. 

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