Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am craving a lazy weekend like a hormonal woman craves chocolate. You know what I'm talking about. As you've heard in previous posts, we've been keeping up with a pretty crazy schedule. When we're not entertaining our friends, we're accepting invitations from our friends or setting up phone dates with them. I love our friends. I just need a moment to catch my breath. What am I craving? Let me lay it out. Here's a list because I'm a list person.
  • Flying our kite. 
  • Going on a scooter ride. 
  • Dipping my toes into some sand. 
  • Snuggling in the man chair with my book
  • Watching some kind of marathon through Netflix.
  • Cooking for just myself and the hubster because there are less dishes.  
  • Being able to wake up late then fall back asleep because the hubster isn't awake yet. 
Basically, I want an exact replica of this weekend that was many weekends ago.

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