Thursday, July 15, 2010

Really Really Big Kids

Every summer, I always get a major case of cabin fever. My remedies usually involve making a bunch of crafts, reading, and watching lots of movies. This year, I decided to try something different. I asked one of my profs if I could help her with one of her grad courses. It's the same class that I took when I was in the teacher education program. She was kind enough to welcome me with open arms.

This week was my first week attending the two hour sessions. I love it. It feels like student teaching, but I'm learning how to teach a graduate level course. I'm still trying to find my footing, building rapport with them is a bit different than with the wee ones. Don't forget, I'm not that much older than most of them. I also still look like I'm in middle school. It's an Asian thing.

Today, we discussed one of my favorite readings, H.G. Wells' Country of the Blind. It's a really interesting allegory. Figuring out how it applies to teaching makes it even more fascinating. I've been asking the big kids some tough questions. I keep forgetting that I have a tiny bit more classroom experience. Woops.

At the end of class, I told my prof to feel free to give me any feedback. I would love to know what I should be doing more of or less of. Then, a future history teacher turned to me and said, "You ask really good leading questions." Right after, a future English teacher said, "Yea! When you sat with us a little bit, it was really helpful." How nice of them to notice and say something! My immediate response was, "You guys are awesome. You ask really great questions and share wonderful ideas with me."

I love teaching even teaching the really really big kids. I'm more excited than ever to get my PhD. I can definitely see a future after I'm done with the wee ones where I go back and teach the big kids how to teach the little ones. Have I told you that I love teaching? Well, I do.

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