Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Road Again

For my hubster, summer is his travel season. He's been on three business trips so far. Worst timing ever. It's the time when I don't have work to distract me from missing him. He left for Austin today and will be back Friday night. Not too bad. I have a bit of a ritual whenever he's gone. I usually make a dinner that he's not too fond of like Chile Rellenos and watch my favorite chick flicks. In the rotation of chick flicks, there are Pride and Prejudice, Amelie, and Dedication. Don't get me wrong. I need to give him the credit he deserves. My hubster has been such a good sport and watched all of them more than once with me. I just love watching them more than he does. To spare him the obligation of being polite for the umpteenth time, I watch them when he's gone. I love the picture above because it reminds me of this scene in Pride and Prejudice. Commence swooning over Mr. Darcy.

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