Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Apoa

*Taken by my BiL (Leo)

Whenever I go visit my hubster's family, it feels like I'm going to a different country. They've made their home like a little piece of China. They speak in Chinese most of the time, have various Chinese delights in the fridge, read Chinese magazines and books, and watch Chinese TV. I'm very happy that they've managed to maintain their culture, but it can be a bit challenging to be around them. Chinese isn't the easiest language to learn. I just started to learn my numbers and days in Cantonese.

My hubster's grandma (Apoa) speaks Chinese and Vietnamese. When we try to talk to each other, she tries to use the little English she knows and I try to listen very carefully. There are lots of gestures and lots of laughing at our confusion. Still, I care for her very much. Often, I feel like Apoa's the only one in the family who really understands me. I really wished I could talk to her more. I would love to hear the stories about my hubster as a little one. When we arrived late Thursday night, she was all smiles. Then, she told me hubster that she knows that I love her. I'm happy that she knows that.

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