Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"How Much Does Your Life Weigh?"


Before we got Once, we watched Up in the Air. It had gotten mixed reviews from our friends, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Actually, I was happy that it got mixed reviews. Sometimes, I feel awkward if I don't like a movie that everyone is raving about. Totally unnecessary. I know. Back to Up in the Air, I'm not a fan. Not quite sure what it is. Maybe, it's because I'm not totally employed at the moment, and I relate entirely too much to the person sitting opposite of George Clooney's character. Maybe, it's because I know someone who lives that insane traveling life. Maybe, it's because everything that he wanted me to toss in my backpack and throw away is everything that is keeping me afloat. I know I'm supposed to laugh when he gives those ridiculous seminars, but some people really choose to live like that. If I want to watch a movie about the airport, I'll watch The Terminal even if it's a bit over sentimental at times.

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