Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On Monday, we went to watch Imogen Heap. I was beyond excited. I told all of my music aficionado friends that we were going. The general consensus was, "You're going to have such a good time. I've heard she's fantastic live." With that endorsement, I couldn't wait for Monda. She had three opening acts: one local acapella group, a violin duo, and a solo guitarist. The violin duo and solo guitarist also performed with her during her set. I thought it was nice of her to give them their own time in the spotlight. However, it felt liked their sets dragged on forever. We even had intermission before Imogen came on.

Once she came on, it was well worth the wait. Her voice was amazing. It was so interesting to watch her put together each song on stage. There were a few slip ups, which she handled with grace and humor. She explained little details of her equipment and the context or inspiration for each song. I loved how she's inspired by sounds in nature and her family. For the set list, she had fans in each city vote for their top 12 songs. Isn't that great? She also did an improv song on stage, asking the audience for a key and a melody. I highly recommend seeing her if you ever get the chance. It was one of my favorite concerts.

*Special thanks to my hubster. I know you needed subtitles all night long. Thanks for sticking it out for me. I wouldn't have wanted to share that evening with anyone but you.

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