Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week's Sub Highlights

Sometimes, actually I should say often, I get swept away during the day. As each minute passes, I feel rushed to get to the next assignment. I feel this necessity to keep the kiddos moving and to check off every little thing on the sub plans in order to show the teacher that I'm a success. I want to prove that it was a good idea to leave me with their kiddos. I forget that I'm making memories with them. I become part of their experience, a part of their school life. With the year wrapping up and my now-sixth-graders soon graduating, I need to savor every moment of this year.
  • A kiddo tells her friend, "Remember, Mrs. Trac? She was our substitute one time. We made those little books with her." Then the kiddo tells me how she saved the book for Earth Day and read it to her mom. Her mom loved it.
  • One of my now-sixth-graders says, "Do you still play that game when we get into the corners for things we like and don't like? That game was fun." I only played that game once with them during fifth grade. It was on my very first day with them. He still remembers it! It happened more than a year ago.
  • A kiddo says excitedly, "Look, Mrs. Trac! I have glasses just like you!" Of course, I compliment him on his glasses. He also had a spiffy mohawk.

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