Friday, April 23, 2010

That Darn Wall

As previously mentioned, my hubster has been sweet enough to let me convert one of our extra rooms into my craft room. The progress has been much slower than I would like it to be. I painted it over spring break. We bought and assembled my desk last weekend. Now, I'm stuck with the blank-canvas-of-a-wall that faces my desk. It's been such a toughie. Initially, I had planned on doing a gallery style photo collage. I laid it out on the floor. No bueno.

Now, I'm thinking about a clothespin line art display. The top line will display the gorgeous paper that my hubster's bff got us for our first anniversary. The middle line will be art prints that I love. The line below that one will be postcards from museums and various cities. The very bottom line will be prints from my DianaF+ experiments. Here's my inspiration board.

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