Monday, April 19, 2010

"Man in the Sky Forbid!"

This week's movie was The Invention of Lying. I thought it was an interesting movie. It was quite refreshing to see a movie with a unique plot line rather than another tired old remake or movie version of a TV show. Honestly, I was waiting the entire time for Mark's lies to nip him in his chubby bum, especially when he decides to change history. I found myself wondering at the end of the movie if we need a little deception to get us through our days. My hubster said it best, "It just shows us that we need to have a better perspective." To describe the movie, it's kind of like how Lois from Family Guy describes purgatory, "It's not good, but it's not bad." I did love all the different comedians that they were able to cram into the film.

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