Saturday, April 17, 2010

All in the Family

My hubster's parents surprised us this weekend with a spur of the moment visit. As usual, with their visit came a day trip to LA. We had a delicious lunch of salt and pepper fish, steamed chicken with soy sauce, and sauteed pea sprouts. Spent numerous hours at a Chinese jewelery store and other Asian grocery stores. I learned how expensive legit Ginseng is (upwards of $500) and how long it takes to grind it. Our day ended with a yummy dinner of two different kinds of soup. I got the same soup as my hubster's dad, a heavenly beef satay curry soup.

Most importantly, this trip helped me to feel even more part of the family. Integrating into another family hasn't been easy for me. Everything used to feel so different: the social cues, the language, and the food. Now, we can joke with ease. My ama (that's mom in Chinese) even got me a jade bracelet and Chinese zodiac pendant that matches hers. Cheesy, I know. A bit sentimental, no? My hubster's dad also got the same bracelet. As we moved onto the next store, my aba (that's dad in Chinese) said, "Now, they'll all know that we're part of the same family."

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