Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Sub Highlights

As a sub, there's nothing better than walking into a classroom where the kids already know your name and once you explain why their teacher is gone, they get to business. I got to go into one my favorite classrooms today. Here are the highlights.

Highlight #1:

The kids were excited to work with place value using cubes, longs, flats, and big cubes.

Highlight #2:

We ended the day by playing anagrams. They were so excited that they were standing out of their chair to get more leverage while raising their hands. They totally forgot it was time to go home. One kiddo even put two more words on the board before he left. He just had to.

Highlight #3:

A kiddo popped back into the classroom after he left and asked me if I wanted to meet his little brothers. Of course, I do! He has two adorable little brothers who are 3 and 4. Now, it's his turn to be the big brother rather than being the little brother. He was just beaming.

When things get tough, I always seem to have a beautiful day like today to remind me why I love teaching. I'm so thankful.

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