Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Sign

Ever since I read The Alchemist, I have been trying to read the signs in my life. Mmm...I haven't been all that successful. I started to doubt if I even knew what the signs looked like after awhile. With that said, I think I finally got an in-your-face-without-a-doubt sign.

Yesterday, I was uber stressed about our trip to New York City. We were waiting for my hubster's friend to get back to us. I was looking at hostels. Contemplating if I really could share a room with 4 or 8 other strangers and sleep on a bunk bed. Looking at maps of New York just felt so overwhelming. How would we ever get around? Would we even have enough money to go if we needed to stay in a hostel? Did I even want to go anymore?

Back to the sign. Today, a kiddo asked me what the Olympic sign looked like. I could totally visualize the shape, but I had a few doubts about the number of rings. I decided to look in the encyclopedia (archaic, I know) to see if there was a picture to show him. The encyclopedias was a N-O one. When I opened it, I immediately landed in the New York City section. Central Park was staring at me. In that moment, my heart fluttered. All I could think of is, "This has to be a sign, right? It just has to. What are the chances I would instantly flip to the section?" I really hope our trip happens, and I hope we enjoy it. *Fingers crossed*

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