Monday, March 29, 2010

I {Less Than 3} My Friends

I am so fortunate to have amazing friends. They do so many different and interesting things. Jove is participating in her first triathlon in a couple of months. Alex is part of a comedy improv group called The Gentleman's Club. Eliot moved up to Washington without any hesitation. Mark went and studied frogs and other amphibians in Belize for a month. Jenn's been soaking up Japanese culture and language the last couple of years.

A few nights ago, Mychal told me about this awesome non-profit organization called Reins on Manes. He designed the website, and his sister is the program coordinator. I totally fell in love with Kahlua. Her story is a must-read. She's a bona fide hero. After our vacation schedule settles down, I'm looking forward to making a donation to keep her fed and taken care of at Windfall Ranch. It's such a good cause!



As you can tell, they are all a constant source of inspiration and entertainment. I heart all of them.

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