Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Confession

I'm a total book junkie. My addiction to books surpasses my serial napping and potato chip munching. I buy books when they're recommended to me. When I walk into a bookstore to buy a book, I usually see 2 or more other ones that I would love to have. Good thing, I have enough self-control to stick with my original intended purchase. (At least, that's the case most of the time.) Unfortunately, I still have many unread books lying all over the place: on my nightstand, on my bookshelf, on my desk, and in the car. I can't wait to get my custom bookshelves done in our study. With all of that said, meet my new acquisition:

I fell in love with Jones' prose when I read The Known World for a literary history class at Cal Poly. Whenever I read his writing, I feel like I'm sitting in a rocking chair on a weathered porch rocking slowly back forth. I'm gladly sitting across from my favorite storyteller and sipping on sweet tea. I can feel the warm breeze sweep across my face and hear the flies buzzing on the warm summer day. Pure literati bliss.

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