Monday, February 15, 2010

Bananas, Frijoles, & Monkeys Part 1

My hubster and I are still pretty fresh off from our vacation to Costa Rica. There is so much to talk about! We went through a tour company called Caravan. Throughout our whole trip, we were impressed by the accommodations, our driver, and tour guide. Our tour guide, Jesus, was a walking bilingual encyclopedia. He explained everything in great detail without ever making us feel overwhelmed. He also had the greatest Yogi Bear laugh ever. Our driver, Luis, knew how to navigate through the teeny roads with such ease.

With all that said, back to the other details of our trip. Our first two days were spent in San Jose and a town near near San Jose. We arrived rather late in the evening on our first day, so we didn't get to do any roaming. The next day, we were quickly whisked off to Poas Volcano. With much luck, we were able to see the crater, crater's lake, and the nearby lagoon. The crater is located 2,574 meters above sea level. The lagoon is one of the most acidic bodies of water on earth with a pH level of less than zero. When it rains near the lagoon, it's acid rain. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Gold Museum. We learned how the indigenous people made their unique gold pieces by using clay molds.

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