Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Since we've become grown-ups with a cozy home of our own, I thought it was time for us to start some holiday traditions of our own. I have managed to convince my hubster to get a Christmas tree after many negotiations (including agreeing to have a Douglas Fir every other year).

Some of our other traditions include:

Sending Christmas cards. I know a lot of people send them, but my parents never did. This year, we were ambitious and made homemade cards. Double the work but double the fun.

Making homemade ornaments. I had way too much free time this year and wanted to make use of my stockpile of crafting leftovers. Now, we have a bunch of felt edibles and scrabble pieces adorning our tree. My hubster even helped make his friend's ornaments.

Watching everything that has to do with Charlie Brown and Christmas. I love Charlie Brown, especially at Christmas time. It doesn't feel like Christmas without hearing Linus' shepherd speech.

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