Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notre Arbre de Noel

This year is the first year that my hubster and I have our very own tree. Usually, we just enjoy my parents' Christmas tree. Since I have lots of time for decorating, I thought it only fitting to finally get our own tree. I have been collecting Christmas tree ornaments ever since I was in middle school.

It's a cute little tree. Very different from my mom's grand tree starting with the mismatch ornaments down to its stubby chubbiness. My mom normally gets at least a 7 foot tree, and she decorates it with perfectly matching ornaments. Her theme colors have always been red and gold. Anything that goes on the tree has to be one of those colors. I love our tree. I can't wait for my hubster to start adding his own ornaments. He already added his own touch to it with the bright blue LED lights.

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