Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catch Up: The Original Tannenbaum

In the midst of all of our festive fun, I forgot to post about my parents' Christmas tree. I was so excited this year because it was the real-tree year. My parents have decided to alternate buying a real Christmas tree and using their fake Christmas tree. Initially, I was heartbroken. Every year as a wee one, we always had a real tree. Now that my hubster has caved into my Christmas tree request, it doesn't hurt as much. We'll always have real tree at our home. Anyway, back to my parents. Here are the highlights.

Our custom adorable angel topper.

My all-time favorite tree trimming.

Martha-inspired pipe cleaner project.
Made 50 for only $2.

We got this for my daddy last year.

Love how my mom is putting more whimsical ornaments on our tree.

Oh Tannenbaum!

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