Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real Camping, Not Cabin Camping

My hubster has been trying to get me to go camping for quite some time. I told him that I had been cabin, but he didn't believe me. He would further inquire by asking questions like, "In a tent? Without a real toilet?" I told him that I had been camping in a cabin. According to him, sixth grade camp doesn't count as camping either even though "camp" is in the phrase.

This weekend, we went camping at Montana de Oro. You can't reserve a campsite. You just show up at 2 and hope for the best. To kill sometime, we went on this really intense hike up Madonna Peak and stopped at High St Deli for a delicious California Turkey Sandwich. Now, I can say that I've been real camping (earned a little street cred with the hubster) and am looking forward to more camping trips.

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