Sunday, September 6, 2009

<3 My Extra Family

My hubster's parents surprised us with a last minute visit. My Ama (Mom in Chinese) said that my Ada (Dad in Chinese) needed to rest. Of course, we had to go to LA. We ate at a fabulous Chinese restaurant called Phoenix Food Boutique. All four dishes we had, including salt and pepper fish, chicken breast with soy, tofu and seafood, and pea sprouts, were delicious!

Afterward, we went to temple. I'm not Buddhist, but I always go with my in-laws to be respectful. I also want to understand a part of what is going to be my future rugrats' cultural heritage. Temples are always beautiful with everything in red and gold and peaceful. When we went to see the Four Face Buddha, my Ada said that I could ask for help to find a job that I'll be happy with. That small gesture meant the world to me. It reminded me that I'm part of their family. They're just as worried about me as they are about their sons. I'm not only in the prayers of my parents but my hubster's parents as well. We are one family.

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