Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 10th!

This year we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, but next week will mark our tenth anniversary of being together. Because we're on a bit of a budget, we decided to celebrate our anniversary by going to the Museum of Man, Timken Museum of Art, and Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum and having lunch at Buon Appetito. We had lots of fun learning about ancient Peruvian skull surgery, seeing mummies, and playing with the science exhibits. We learned that we're not going to get uber wrinkly until about 70. Lunch at Buon Appetito was delicious. The sampler plate was filled with goodies and the starting bread with the homemade marinara sauce was uber tasty.

Whoville Christmas tree in front the Globe Theater.

Us in front of the Whoville Christmas tree.

Replicas of Mayan markers.

Hubster playing with the rope squirter.

Me at 70. Hubster thinks I look like a Native American.

My little old tired hubster at 70.

Official Little Italy sign.

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