Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pit Stop at Poly

On our way up to the Bay, we stopped at Poly to see one of our old profs. He was the one who went to our wedding and I used to visit once a quarter even when I didn't have him. We hadn't seen him since the wedding. It was really nice to see him because he knows us both so well. Here are some of my favorite moments from the visit.

Moment 1:
Prof M: How's the teacher program going, Bea?
Me: Hmmm....Okay. I have some interesting professors.
Prof M: Oh..The normal person kind of interesting or Bea's idea of interesting? (chuckles)
Me: The second one.

Moment 2:
Hubster: (plops my salad down in front of me)
Me: Wow, I wasn't expecting it to be that big.
Prof M: Bea, you know you should never eat anything bigger than your head.

Moment 3:
I'm going to get Bea to help me change my brakes. Do you think she can do it? Do you think she can pump it?
Prof M: Hmm....yea.
Hubster: Without complaining?
Prof M: (immediately) No!
Hubster and Prof M: (chuckles)

We also got to teach him how to get his ring tone set up on his family cell phone. Yes, he's that kind of prof who refuses to carry his own cellphone. We wouldn't expect anything else from him and we like him that way.

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