Saturday, November 15, 2008

Over the Hills

My hubster went on a solo scooter ride the other day to this olive town near us. He loved it, so he made another trip over there just so he could share it with me. It's an a-mazing drive through breathtaking farmland. I finally have some good pictures since I've gotten brave enough to hold onto him and snap pictures. I managed to do it without losing the camera. Yay!

I still need practice getting this action shot right.

This spot reminds us of Cambria.

Love the lamb in the middle.
Doesn't it look like somewhere Little Bo Peep would live?

Yep, those are some buffalo.
They didn't like me getting so close.

Not closed, just shut.

The perfect writing spot for writing a pastoral poem.

It looks like an equestrian training ranch.
My hubster likes the well-manicured lawn.

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