Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm a Rebel
Apparently, I'm a rebel. Watch out! No joke. I got in trouble in seminar yesterday for doing other work--just like 50% of the other people there. The other 50% of the people there were just spaced out. My tablemates thought it was preposterous that I got busted. My other friends cracked up when I told them. The whole situation was ridiculous. Then, it got even more ridiculous. I found out that the teacher who got annoyed with me will be my math teacher for a whole quarter! Oy Vey! Oh, fate why do you have play such games? My plan is to lay low for a little while for the next couple of seminars. I won't bring my beloved lappy. I'll just join the other 50% of non-productive-daydreamers. Yay for daydreaming!

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