Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks Nintendo

Today, I helped my kiddos with some journal writing. Journal writing with the kiddos is always interesting because they're still learning how to spell. At the end of journal writing, I get the fun task of decoding. You would not believe how many different ways there are to spell "because" in the eyes of a first grader.

Here's one of my kiddos' journal entries (kinda sorta):

I like to go to the park with my mom. Wii play together.

When I saw the "wii," I smiled inside, especially since I just got my Wii Fit this past weekend. I was thinking how to explain to him why that wasn't the we that he wanted. I had to explain in it a clear way because he might think that I don't even know what a Wii is. I told him that "Wii" he had written down was the right way to spell the game that he plays, but what he really wanted was the "we" that meant two or more people together. He seemed okay with the explanation.

Thanks Nintendo for mixing up kids with one of the most common sight words that they need to learn. Next thing, he'll be spelling me as "mii."

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