Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School is In!

Yesterday was my third first day of first grade. No, I wasn't held back. Last year, I worked in a first grade class as an assistant and this year I'm a student teacher in another first grade classroom. I love it. I've missed being in a classroom and hanging out with little people. Here's a school-inspired mosaic for you to enjoy until I have more time for a more detailed post.

1. Elementary School Playground, 2. Yesterday, 3. Space Alphabet: Z, 4. Red Apple Brooch, 5. Crayons Taste Yummy.....And Are Good For You, Too!, 6. Hop Scotch, 7. HB, 8. 080306: Blank Composition Book, 9. Mosaic of Needlefelted Alphabet ATCs and ACEOs - Tactile Art and Learning for Children

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