Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Last weekend, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We decided to go to ATV riding in Pismo Beach and then have dinner in the same lodge where we got married. Of course, we planned to stay the evening as well. Since we're on a budget, we decided to stay at a particular inn that shall remain nameless. We chose this inn because it was affordable and my mom and dad stayed at it during our graduation weekend. They had a super cute room with a beach theme. We hoped to get the same room or something similar.

When we arrived, we entered the lobby. There was a delicious cheese and meat platter. We got really excited. Then, the innkeeper took us to our room called the Manhattan. Doesn't that sound like something spiffy? It wasn't spiffy. It was as far from spiffy as you could get. We ended up nicknaming it the Purple Palace. Everything was purple including the sofa, the tiles on the fireplace, the carpet and the tiles on the bathroom counter. It had old apartment smell. It felt like we were staying at a friend's place who has funny taste and buys everything at garage sales. The breakfast was delicious though and all the drinks in the fridge were complementary. We also had a great view of the bay. It was still icky. We were happy to leave in the morning.

The next day, we went to SLO. We always have to stop in SLO if we're in the area. As Linda and Joel say, we have to touch base with our old home. :) We walked around downtown and had lunch at Firestone. Mmmmm...Firestone. Still as tasty as it's always been. I also got to buy some children's books for half price at the last remaining used bookstore downtown called Phoenix. Picture time:

Us taking a break from having dune-tastic time.
You can't tell, but we're smiling.

I finally got my hubster to stop long enough to take a picture.

Me maintaining my consistent speed along the dunes.

Beautiful view just across the way from our room.

The living room/dining room part of our purple palace.

Our pimp purple fireplace.

Us in front of the gazebo where we said our vows.
Somehow we managed to pick the exact same clothes we wore to our rehearsal dinner.

The outside of McClintock's and it's advertisement for it's trademark appetizer.
My friend Eliot says turkeys hang low.

The window display of Tom's Toys.
The theme was gangster Grimm fairy tales.
If you can't tell, Little Red is holding a gun up to the wolf.

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