Sunday, July 13, 2008

Say Cheese

Recently, I joined Facebook. Yea, I know. What on earth took me so long to do it? I was holding off on the whole social networking because I prefer calling my friends or seeing them in person. The time finally came to stop being so old-fashion and get on board. Another reason I've been avoiding it is that I didn't want to feel the pressure of having 200+ friends. I don't even think I know 200+ people well enough to be my friends.
Eliot's caption is: "No worries, bat"

Where does the "Bat" come from? They're my post-wedding initials. It's funny because he calls my hubster "Batsman." [Insert Chuckle] What can I say? My friends are awesome goobers.

I also found this photo on Jason's page. (Jason was unbelievably sweet the day of the wedding and we made him an honorary bridesmaid. Of course, we meant honorary bridesmaid in the most positive way. :) He was one of the few boys that got to hang out with us while we prepped that morning.) I think this is a good candid photo of my hubster, just ignore me stuffing my face:

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