Monday, July 7, 2008

"My Frankenstein"

I think this is the first Joan Crawford movie that I've ever seen. I've been avoiding her movies ever since I saw Mommie Dearest. Even though she might have been a bit bent, she is excellent in A Woman's Face. I stumbled across this movie in my Netflix recommendation section. Oh, how Netflix knows me so well.

The premise for the movie is a woman with a slightly grotesque burn on her face has turned to a life of petty crime because she was rejected by society and unable to get a normal job. Then, she gets her face fixed and has the opportunity to be like any other woman. However, can she turn her back on her previous life of crime? It definitely has a lot of old Hollywood suspense. My hubster and I found ourselves rooting for Anna, Joan Crawford's character. Most of the movie is told in flashbacks. I loved this movie. It's definitely worth checking out!

Fun Fact:

This movie came out in 1941 and it was a remake of a movie with the same title made in 1938, starring Ingrid Bergman who later starred in Casablanca.

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